Restaurants, Bars, and Night clubs

Headshot 2014 copyLee is available to perform at your night club or Restaurant. His music sets a wonderful ambiance tailored to meet the unique atmosphere of the venue.  He often performs and records with a quartet but he comfortable in larger groups or simply a duet. Instrumentation and repertoire can be customized to the setting.

Musical Selections

When you work with Lee, you have the ability to select individual songs or specific genres of music. You may also simply recommend a style for your venue and the music will arranged for you.

Progressive Jazz

Lee performs his brand of progressive jazz for venues where his music will be the main focus. This style of jazz is often described as more edgy than conventional jazz and combines elements of world, bebop, modal, and rock. Lee offers a wide selection of songs including original compositions, adaptations of melodies acquired abroad, and acoustic remakes of Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, and many other contemporary artists.

Straight Ahead Jazz

Often times, clients will select straight ahead jazz for Restaurants and other more intimate settings. This style of jazz is enjoyable to a wide variety of audiences and provides sophisticated foreground or background entertainment for listening or dance. Straight ahead song titles Lee performs can be found in pdf form for viewing and print in the EPK under jazz standards. Lee is available for the following events and venues…



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